Steam Generator

Steam Generator

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Steam Generator with Automatic Blow Down Assembly, 1? Digital 120V. 208-480 V 36KW Packaged Boiler System W/19 Gal. Tank, 1/3 HP Water Pump, 12 Gal. Blow-Down Tank. This Generator comes with Automatic Blow Down Assembly.

Compact, self contained unit that is easy to install and operate.




Max Working Pressure:
100 PSI
Normal Operating Pressure:
80 PSI
Steam Output:
106.2 LB/HR
Tank Total Volume
9.676 Gal
Normal Operational Water Volume:
6.8 Gal
Blow Down Value:
1 inch
Water Inlet Value:
1 inch
Steam Outlet Value:
½ inch
Actual Dimension:
22”W x 29”L x 39”H
Net Weight
280 lb
Power in Kilowatt:
36 KW
Electrical Supply:
3 phase, 220V, 94.5 AMP/480V 43.3 AMP

More Information:

  • CLPS 2000M-PEBS multi-purpose packaged boiler system is an integrating, ASME coded and UL listed electric boiler, condensate return tank, and blow down tank installed on a compact metal base.
  • All components are pre-configured at the factory by steam fitting specialists to optimize the system efficiently and the ease of operation