HG-CVPS 300 (Standard)

Standard Heat Guns

Our easy to use and reliable Standard Heat Guns are for applying heat to shrink film on a light production basis. It is very versatile for many different shaped products. This heat gun comes with a dual heat selection–750°F and 1000°F, produces 4100 BTUs of heat for quick shrinking of the film. Plugs into standard 120VAC plug, uses 1200 watts.

The Furno Heat Guns range from the 300 model, the 500 model, and the 700 model. They are versatile tools for dozens of applications. Ideal for removing paint, bending plastic, thawing pipes, and more.

More Information

Milwaukee Heat Gun 1220:
hanging hook
1.2 lbs
120 volts
1200 watts
1 year warranty
dual heat selection 1000 F/750 F
optional: 220 volts