Semi-Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer

Semi-Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer

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Inexpensive but professional way to seal your containers with Lidding Film. Suitable for a variety of containers, sizes, and shapes such as; deli, yogurt, salsa, condiments and many other applications.

This economical, semi-automatic
cup sealing machine works with
most lidding films and a variety of
container shapes
Works with both clear and printed
lidding material
Clean stainless steel design
Capable of producing 480 cups
per hour
Adjustable temperature and dwell
controls for optimal sealing
Capable of operating in both manual
and automoatic modes
Stock unit for deli containers
Customizable to container type

Power: AC 110 V
Sealing diameter: 3.8”
Size of unit:
10.7”L x 14.5”W x 26.3”H
Weight of unit: 98 lbs


Semi Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer Brochure