Semi-Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer

Semi-Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer

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Inexpensive but professional way to seal your containers with Lidding Film. Suitable for a variety of containers, sizes, and shapes such as; deli, yogurt, salsa, condiments and many other applications.


Semi Automatic Lidding Cup Sealer Brochure


  • This economical, semi-automatic cup sealing machine works with most lidding films and a variety of container types.
  • Works with both clear and printed lidding film
  • Capable of producing 480+ cups per hour
  • Adjustable temperature and dwell control for optimal sealing
  • Capable of operating in both manual and automatic modes
  • Customizable for container type
  • Provide and professional look and seal


  • Power: AC 110 V
  • Sealing diameter: 3.8”
  • Size of unit: 10.7”L x 14.5”W x 26.3”H
  • Weight of unit: 98 lbs