PVC Shrink Tubing

PVC Shrink Tubing 1 MIL & 2 MIL

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1 MIL (100 GA) PVC Shrink Tubing: It is suitable for wrapping various industrial and food products. 50%|25% Shrink Ration on 3″ Core.

Available sizes: from 4″ to 28″ wide even sizes are in stock.

2 MIL (200 GA) PVC Shrink Seamless Tubing: Converted from plastic tubing to exacting specifications, cut shrink bands are the cost effective choice for securing caps, lids, and closures with easily recognized tamper evidence. Lay Flat Width sizes are in stock from 20 mm to 400 mm. Both Perforated or Non-Perforated tubing is available. Clear, colored (wide variety of Pantone colors) and Sealed for Your Protection Tubing (SFYP) is also available.

Available sizes: 20mm wide to 400 mm are in stock.