Dropper and Homeopathic Bottles – Child Resistant and Tamper Evident

Dropper and Homeopathic Bottles

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Crystal Vision Packaging now offers 15ML & 30ML Dropper and Homeopathic bottles in PETE and Glass as well as the related equipment to apply and shrink on printed full body sleeve or neck band. Clear, Amber and Cobalt colors are available for Glass Bottles.

Great quality with unbeatable great prices; glass bottles and droppers 15ml (1/2 oz) and 30ml (1oz) in Clear, Amber and Cobalt Blue colors for your Homeopathic and Essential Oil filling needs.

The droppers are child resistant with 18mmx400 neck finish.

Industries served and Areas used:
Homeopathic Essential Oils

Droppers for 15 ml or 30 ml468-660
15 ml bottles468
15 ml bottles w/droppers468
30 ml bottles660
30 ml bottles w/droppers660
Shrink Bands 40mmx30mm1000

Volume Discounts available for higher quantity purchases.
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Certified according to US 16 CFR Section 1700.20

bottles and caps

PETE and HDPE Bottles

Crystal Vision Packaging has over 10 bottle and cap manufacturing facilities world wide. We specialize in PETE and HDPE bottles of all shapes and sizes with matching caps and liners for all liquid products.