Automatic Neck Banding and Sleeving Machines

Automatic Neck Banding and Sleeving Machines

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Great for companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

This shrink neck band applicator is used to apply temper evident neck bands to a variety bottles and containers.

These autocapsealers can process up to 200 units per minute! Higher speeds are available with a dual-head station.

Durable stainless steel construction.

We also have Automatic Security Neck Band Applicators

Made in USA.



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The shrink banding and shrink labeling machine is user-friendly and can be operated by any employee. With simplicity of the design it is the perfect choice for entry-level users, easy to operate, understand and maintain. Neckbands and sleeves are applied up to 100PPM. (Hi-speed option available).
Economy Banding Machines:

M-500FB: neckbands and sleeves from 20mm to 91mm lay flat width
M-625FB: neckbands and sleeves from 20mm to 128mm lay flat width
M-725FB: neckbands and sleeves from 25mm to 152mm lay flat width
Hi-speed Add-on: increases banding speeds up to 200 PPM.
Features Include:
Band lengths up to 3?
Five minute change over
Bottle handling spacing wheels
Stainless steel construction
Easy Wash down
Compact size
Quick change over
Adjustable to fit most conveyors