Co-Packing Services

Are you getting ready for a big order and looking for a Co-Packing Services provider who will help you to get through this busy season? Crystal Vision Packaging will help you with your Co-Packing Services.

Here are your options:


Co-packing is an effective measure to cut down on assembly costs. With our co-packing services, we can work with your manufacturing facility, which does part of your packaging job while we do the other part to make a complete package or display. You can send us a filled product and we would deliver a completed packaging display.


Kitting may be used in conjunction with co-packing to arrange your products/components within a single selling unit. Co-packing and kitting may be done in a variety of ways, such as placing your product into thermoformed/corrugated inserts, poly-bagging, stand-up pouches, decorative baskets, setup boxes or any other sort of promotional kit or package. The possibilities are truly endless. Assembly services are the most diverse area in packaging.


Assembly packaging service is basically handiwork that machines cannot do. Sometimes custom products have specific needs that machines cannot perform, like assembling multiple products in one selling unit. Assembly services may require assembling parts together, creating kits and product sets such as tool arrays, makeup kits and gift sets. Assembly services may also include parts that need to be glued or secured, and providing small bags that contain small accessories.

Co-Packaging Services at Crystal Vision Packaging

  • Saving time and money.
  • Assemble and package your product in your own time frame, produce the product in your own facility or select any other locations.
  • Great for kits and sets.
  • Ideal for arranging many different products in sets/kits that machines cannot do.

Please call John Simrose to discuss your Co-Packing needs or contact us here.